I'm a 22 year old artist, extrovert, metalhead, and everything enthusiast located in Seattle, Washington. I grew up endlessly exploring the dozens of islands and hundreds of acres surrounding my childhood home in the San Juan Islands. I love high-vaulted ceilings, trails that wind out of sight, and trees that grow where they want to, not where they’re told.

I’m also a designer. I graduated from the University of Washington’s School of Design, and you can see my portfolio here: https://www.maxwellcrabilldesign.com/

When I find the time between financial, artistic, social, and personal obligations, I like to cook elaborate meals and talk to my parents, because they miss me and I really should call more often.



You can use this email to contact me for all inquiries relating to purchases, employment, commissions, or if you're just wondering how my day's going.

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